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Not only do you need to consider which mortgage is most suitable for you, you also need to think about which interest rate options are most likely to suit your needs. This section has information on the various types of mortgage product which are available.

Our typical fee for mortgages is £250. However, this can vary subject to your circumstances.

We use all the mortgage lenders in the market to get you the best deals

These types of mortgages are designed for property investors and private landlords, who do not intend to live in the purchased property but will let property to tenants.
With an Offset Mortgage you can potentially reduce the amount of interest you pay by offsetting a credit balance against the mortgage debt. This article explains further.
People buying their first home often have specific needs when it comes to finding a mortgage. A range of mortgages exists specifically for this market sector.
A flexible mortgage is a product that can make the traditional British mortgage with its fixed and inflexible payment schedule over a fixed term, such as 25 years, look like a bit of a dinosaur. This short guide explains why a flexible arrangement may benefit you.
Remortgaging means switching your mortgage to another deal with another lender without moving property.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
Our typical fee for mortgages is £250. However, this can vary subject to your circumstances.

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eConveyancer, arguably the UK's leading online conveyancing referral system, will generate you a list of extremely competitive, exact quotes from our highly professional panel of over 150 conveyancing solicitor firms.

The list of quotes can be sorted based on the criteria most appropriate to you (fee, distance, performance rating). Once you have selected your conveyancer, they can be instructed at the click of a button and your conveyancing can start immediately.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) do not regulate conveyancing


Some 81% of UK homeowners who purchased a home in the last year would consider a mortgage broker if they were securing their mortgage again, according...